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Re: HS Check In March 4-19

so.....very.....tired. We had CC today. I had to share my music time w/the tutor next door. She & I are not fans of one another :s (her son likes to bully other kids, and bullied my son once. I stood up for my son & the other kids. She labeled her kid as a misunderstood victim....smh. And then I paid the price by being labeled as Over-reactive Mama Bear...smh. kid isn't getting bullied anymore so it's all good!) But her iPod broke and she had no music, so she needed me to share. anyway, her entire class came over and participated in CC Mrs. Stewart Style It was a smashing success, and I think the other tutor was pleasantly surprised that my class is AMAZING !! LOLOLOL!!

other than that, we have done nothing. my house is a hot mess. laundry is sky high. the kitchen is not clean. my vacuum is broken....again. and honestly, i just want a nap. I'm feeling a lil' like Scarlet O'Hara....I'll worry about this mess tomorrow!
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