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Loved reading all your reactions!

#1 - Took a test 12 days after my wedding night! Exactly 28 days after my last period and 5 days after we got home from our honeymoon. I was feeling weird and ask my new hubby to pick up pregnancy tests. I looked at it and didn't see anything. Looked at it a little closer and saw a hint of a line. We were freaking out! Read the paper that came with the pt's over and over. My husband even called the number given to ask if a faint line means anything. I cried, we cried, but weren't unhappy...just shocked since I was on BC!

#2- very unexpected since #1 was only 4 months or so at the time and I was breast feeding. We laughed that we had fertility like my hubby's family and were trying to beat his mom's timing. My MIL had 9 children, all 2 years apart.

#3- I bawled my eyes out. We were trying but THAT month we decided to stop so we could focus on school. We used condoms religiously because we planned for me to get an IUD. We don't know how it happened but we got pregnant using a condom! She was truly our miracle baby though she never lived on earth!

#4- FINALLY a planned child! We were thrilled and in disbelief! It took a year and a half after Davids testicle was removed b/c of cancer to get pregnant! But it was perfect timing!!
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