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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of January 7th

Funny how life has a way of making choices for you. right after I typed that, and hit send, dh was frantically yelling for me from the back pasture. Apparently he tried to call but the phone was in the bedroom. Anyway, we had a sheep lamb, she had twins. One was born dead and the other was barely breathing and almost frozen to death. Crazy part is he had checked them and hour and a half earlier! In that time she went into labor (she wasn't in labor when he checked) had them, and had time for the one to almost freeze to death. So we've spent the night trying to save a lamb, mucking out pens in the barn because we have another one we think is coming tonight. We had to milk out the ewe (she had a whole quart of colostrum-an amazing amount for a sheep) because we are having to tube feed him every hour and a half. He's so weak he can't suck. So ya, fun times. I now still have a half dead unresponsive lamb laying on my kitchen floor trying to warm up. He's due for another tubing feeding at just past midnight. I'm hoping by then he's up enough we can take him back to mom so she can claim him and get him nursing. But it' looks like a pretty sleepless night for us. Just hoping the lamb is better in the morning other wise I have to go out and milk his mom again before work so dh can take the lamb and the milk with him to school to try and keep him going. And as rough as some of this is, I love this life! I love animals, and struggle and seeing them make it. I dont' like when they don't make it though. We've already given him a shot of antibiotic because I can hear rasping in his lungs and I dont' want pneumonia to set in. So we shall see. I've done everything I know how to do. Well, I think I hear dh coming in so I better go see if I need to do anything else before I get an hour or two of sleep and we wake up to do this again. Night ladies, hoping for answers and peace for all of us.
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