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Re: S/O Water Birthing Outfits!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
just something to consider - I have heard that you don't want to get into the tub at the beginning of labor as the water could stall progression.. Ideally, you want to get in at around 5cm. so, that is technically before transition, but still quite a ways into labor.

just putting that out there
when I first started planning my water birth, I thought I'd jump in the tub first thing, but that does not seem to be the recommendation.
I agree completely.

Typically, you want to wait until you are nearing transition or IN transition before you get in the tub. Otherwise, yes, you can stall your labor or even stop it.

I would actually even go a bit further than the poster I quoted and say IIRC, it is best to wait till 7cm.

ETA: I'm going to add RE:having lots of people around - I was having regular, strong contractions with my 2nd child, I dilated to a 4, then my mom popped in the room and my labor completely stopped. We did everything, even drank a whole bottle of castor oil. Labor did not start again for one WHOLE (very long) week. It was absolutely miserable.

So, yes, although it may not seem like it (and it may not be true for everyone, I don't know) the wrong person or atmosphere can absolutely stop or stall your labor. And that is honestly NO FUN at all.

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