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Re: Did your LO regain weight by 2 weeks?

Originally Posted by Green Decals View Post
I just read through your thread. My older 2 had posterior tongue tie, my second has a speech delay which we think is related. He also has a high palate and it took a great deal of work with a kinesiologist to move his tongue forward enough to nurse pain-free. This little gal has zero issues in the tongue department! She has a great latch and nurses effectively, she just isn't gaining. I pump after almost every feed and give her what I pump (about 2 ounces a day) through the SNS.

We switch nursing - I put her on the other side when she starts to get sleepy, so she gets each breast 2-3 times per feed.

We follow WAPF diets, lots of raw milk and butter, fermented oatmeal, transfer meats... I have the book Motherfood which is amazingly supportive of a traditional diet but I hadn't considered broth to substitute for water!
Sounds like you're doing the best you can diet-wise I'm sure you'll be fine! The next step might just be to make sure that you are eating enough. I know that it's easy with an infant and another child to forget to eat as much as you might need. I fall into that trap really easily, because I used to eat way too little out of misguided health-consciousness.
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