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Re: Snack ideas

If your willing to do a little work ahead of time you can make stuff for the week like apple chips (takes about 2 hours in the oven), kale chips (20 mins in the oven), granola bars, mini waffle sandwiches, etc. My kids normally just eat fruit for snacks, but some stuff they like (in addition to above)- olives (just plain black olives) and carrot sticks, sliced red peppers (could use hummus to dip them in), salsa and chips (multigrain tortilla chips), guac and chips, wow butter (fake peanut butter) and cracker (ritz type) sandwiches, wow butter and honey on crackers, yogurt with granola (homemade), apple slices and wow butter, dried cranberries, dried cherries, raisins (those are the only dried fruit that we can find that are nut free but both my kids love them and I use them in granola bars) and one of dd's favorites- egg people. Hard boiled egg (can be stored several days left in its shell in the fridge) cut in half. Olive slices for the eyes, red pepper for the mouth and carrots strips for the hair and nose. Really wish I could find a picture, we got it from a sesame street cook book. DD gets them for lunch sometimes with extra carrot and olives. Everything can be prepared ahead of time then you just assemble it when ready to eat. takes just a minute to put together. This is not them but it gives you an idea . I freeze mini waffles for waffle sandwiches - which are usually wow butter. Only takes about 20 seconds to that in the microwave. For grab and go we usually do dried fruits, apple chips, ect. Sometimes pretzels and crackers.
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