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Re: Daily Chat 8/15-8/21

Their reasoning is "just in case." The same thing happened when I was pg with DS and had spotting. They had me come in and get my bloodwork done and had a RhoGam and then an ultrasound. We shall see. Maybe the Dr. will change his mind when I get there at 3:00(I just talked to the nurse earlier). I think that with this not being a first pg they want to make sure that my body isn't fighting off baby.

We aren't telling anyone yet either. We just had one of DHs cousins announce her pg and then 2 wks later (just 2 weeks ago) had a MC. I don't think that right now is the right time for us to announce it. Plus, we just like the secret. We are keeping baby to ourselves while we can. We have been having fun with it. I think that there are people(our mothers) that really think that I'm pg, but won't ask. It's just fun to torment people...Yes, we are that mean A few days ago MIL asked DH if he had any big news to share. So hubby told her Yeah, actually....we put rock in the landscaping! She gave him such a death look Tomorrow the kids and I are going to stay with my mom who lives about 2 hours away while DH is working nights, so this shall be interesting if I feel as crummy as I do today.
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