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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Jan 16-31)

MFM appt went well this morning. Miss E looks great and fluid levels are holding steady (10 today, 12 this past Monday). I had three 1+ min contrax while hooked up to the NST. MFM said at this point they won't stop labor if I go into it on my own. Good thing since yesterday I was having contrax about 7-10 mins apart for 3 hours in the afternoon. I hope they're at least doing something "down under"!

The plan is to continue biweekly NSTs and u/s to check fluid levels and for any hydrops. After this week the MCA doppler (of her brain artery) is no longer reliable to check for anemia. As long as she continues to look perfect (and MFM said she's going to be really picky) then we're going to induce at 38w on February 21st. I have an u/s and NST scheduled for 9:30 AM on the 21st for one last check and then I'll head right on over to L&D. If anything looks a little off or weird before then, then they'll send me for an induction right away.

Did I mention that February 21st is our anniversary? I'm pretty sure that a baby is NOT the traditional gift for the 9th anniversary. February 22nd is MIL's birthday. Either way this little lady is going to share a date with someone!
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