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Irritated with family!

I'm sure this comes as no surprise to a lot of you...but my family is irritating me lol. DH and I want to try cloth diapering and this is our first baby, we've done all the research and are fully prepared to attempt it and have told others in our family (to be fair I only have my parents and brother here, the rest of the family is his extended side), and they are SOOO negative about it!

I'm actually quite shocked that we have received almost zero support, we get comments all the time like "ya good luck with that *snicker*", "ya right, there's no way you'll keep up with that", "are you crazy?". GEEZ people, I know that we have no idea what to really expect, but a little support would be nice! I'm sure a lot of them remembered what it was like to be first-time moms and I'm sure a little support over negativity would have been greatly helpful!

Just a small rant and some food for thought...even if the new parent sounds naive to a little encouraging at least!
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