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Re: Emergency vs. planned

Originally Posted by Bellaroo View Post
I think the biggest difference would be the possibility, as qsefthuko said, that in an emergency there might be the need for a vertical incision. Also, the potential use of general anaesthetic instead of the regular epidural. Both options would lead to a longer recovery for the mum.
A vertical incision occurs for births that occur at an earlier gestational age. The baby is higher up in the abdomen and hasn't dropped yet so the usual horizontal incision down below just wouldn't reach baby. There are more risks for vertical incisions vs. horizontal incisions and I am pretty sure once you have had a vertical incision you aren't a candidate for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). Like previous posters have said you would also be more likely to go under general anaesthesia for a dire emergency.

ETA having a look I found this info, might answer some of your questions...

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