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Re: How much spitting up is ok?

I’m with Sunnyj… my 9 mo. Old still spits up, but not as much as she used to! It feels like she used to do it all.the.time. In fact, we still go out with a bib on most of the time.

As for switching formula – DD was VERY colicky (but not as bad as she could have been, I suppose) and we switched to the Similac soy (we currently use Similac w/ the blue lid – Advance?) and it got WORSE. MUCH worse. Crying, gassy, more crying b/c she was gassy from the first bout of crying… oh it was bad. We switched back to regular, got some Dr. Browns and all was well. We actually switched back to Avent since we had a ton of them… (she was born 3 wks early and my milk never made it in, despite every attempt to get it to do so… so we had a crash-crash course in bottles and formula when we got home!)

Anyhoo, we try to keep DD still as much as possible after meals – like saying “no” to the Jumperoo, even when we know she wants to be in it. Doc says as long as she doesn’t lose weight, she’s fine. :O)
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