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Re: S/O When did you start reading "real" books to your kids?

I was the Harry Potter momma ODS started liking and actually sitting still/listening to chapter books around a year old, but only at bedtime...we couldn't just curl up in the living room chair and read for hours or anything. We usually did 1/2 to a full chapter (depending on length, my voice wearing out, and/or him falling asleep) at bedtime each night. He's 6 now and still one of those chill kinda kids...very mellow, very much a cuddler, and he'll sit and read books of his own constantly now.

DD was part of the reading chapter books at bedtime from birth, but she didn't really start paying attention until around...18 months? 2 years? Somewhere around there. Her attention span has never been as long as her brother's, and she does better at bedtime...I think it has something to do with just the time of day/night, making it part of the routine, that sort of thing?? We turn off the tv, computer, and put away all noisy toys about an hour before bedtime, but after baths...its just quiet time in our house, the kids can color, do puzzles, we have family time/talks, that sort of thing....nice & quiet and calm...which I think is the perfect time for a good book We read lots of more traditional "age appropriate" kids books during the day.

My niece is 3.5 and still can't still for more than a page or two of *any* book...I think our record has been 3 pages from Grumpy Gloria, and it has 2-3 lines per page...and that was showing pictures, stopping and discussing the picture constantly, redirecting attention, etc.
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