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Re: Silly Butter Question

What is the difference between butter and margarine?

Butter is a natural food, made from cream, sometimes with added salt.
Margarine is man-made using partially or fully hydrogentated oils (very unhealthy for you).
Butter with added oils is meant to be for spreading on bread, etc. It will be softer and melt faster than regular butter. If you want butter for baking, use real butter.

Does it make a difference in cooking?

Yes!!! Butter is so much tastier and nicer for cooking/baking. It gives better texture to baked goods, and superior flavor as well.

What is the difference between butter made with canola oil, olive oil etc. in regards to baking?

Butter with added oils is not really meant for baking, because it is too runny. Like tub margarine is meant for spreading and block margarine is made for baking, the same thing kind of applies for butter. Soft butter (mixed with oils) in a tub is meant for spreading. Hard REAL butter comes in blocks or sticks for baking.
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