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Re: Anyone into Bartering?

Originally Posted by AcrossTheUniverse View Post
I have bartered my knitting services in exchange for my midwife's fee for my last 2 births.
I'm jealous! Although if I could barter with my doctor for the last 3 c-sections I would be at my sewing machine for the next 13 years. Or cleaning his house for the next 13 years... I wouldn't mind though! That is very cool.

My Dad bartered to pay for my birth with the doc (he was a family friend). My dad reroofed his house in exchange for the birth... I was a colicky baby and my parents prayed the roof would leak so Doc would have to repossess me. No suck

I hate growing tomatoes, but want to can them. I was thinking about asking locally if anyone wants to barter green beans/peppers for them (I actually like growing those!).
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