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Re: Anyone into Bartering?

We do, as much as possible. We don't own a plow. Well, we do, but it is an old style, horse drawn one, that DH has to hold while I drive the tractor. Kind of funny. So we have called upon our neighbour for use of his plow for garden plots and his snowplow. He automatically snowplows everyone on the road when it snows, but we have asked him to plow our garden plots on occasion.

We give him eggs, tomatoes, baked goods, and watch their house (they travel during the warmer months to a property out west). We also send our sweet children over for kid-time with them (which I am sure doesn't count, but they love it), because they desperately miss their grandchildren (who are out west). THey would never accept money, EVER, for the plowing, so if we feel we have not reciprocated enough, we buy them some coffee cards for their trip (they drive) or have bought gas cards, too.

On the other side, we have bartered eggs with neighbours for tools. DH just traded about 25 dozen eggs for a gorgeous chop saw. We go back and forth with them all the time -- they will make sausages, we will make sauce, we will make sausages, they will have too large an order of something and share, we will make bread, etc... I think within a week, we probably meet at the fencerow 2-3 times trading something. This is probably not truly bartering, but it is nice.

My FIL, who built this house, was a chiro (and a hobby farmer, obviously), and he used to barter his services for horse feed, etc... He was a good man, and didn't like to charge people he felt were friends or needed him. So, on top of the arranged agreements, inevitably bags of feed, a bike for DH (when he was little), etc... would show up on the front porch. This is a great community for that sort of stuff.
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