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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (April)

Originally Posted by amyltc View Post
THank you for your support. I'm really frustrated with dh, he is almost mad at me for feeling the way I do. he said he doesn't want to try again if we lose this one.

I can understand his feelings, honestly.
Both DH and I felt after losing Elli that we would never have another pregnancy. We were preparing to get a vasectomy for him but didn't want to run for one in the midst of our grief and mourning. Something was just telling us to wait... apparently her name was Piper But she certainly wasn't planned for or even hoped for - until she came, I mean. This was a really really hard pregnancy for both of us, emotionally and mentally, and for our kids as well. It was just too much to willingly/wantingly go through again.

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
Amy my dh was the same way...and quite honestly I agreed with him. I can not go through another pregnancy emotionally

I would have to realize that I needed to stop...not only for me but for my family

I still don't think the worry will ever go away. Even during birth and after.
Yup, exactly. I would never trade Piper being here for the world - she's stolen all our hearts - but it was a terribly hard thing to go through to get here.
I had a moment, in labor, when it hit me - the realization that I had been there with Elli and that I was going to have another baby, a living one, and then all the "what if's" flooded my mind. I had a good cry for a few minutes, then I was able to carry on, but it was a few minutes of total break-down. Overwhelmed with thoughts of Elli, memories of the last time I'd been there, and fear for Hiccup.
Now, it's definitely a different newborn experience than the others were. I try not to be too overprotective of her, but I'm sure I am at times. I definitely don't like having her out of my arms or too far from me.

Originally Posted by Almacham View Post
Hi, everyone. I'm still around. 14 weeks and still sick all if the time but I'm also showing! It feels crazy. I like it!
Sorry you're still sick, but for showing! How are things going with your move?
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