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Re: question about crawling

Originally Posted by sesa70
My 9 month old dd can crawl, but she just doesnt like to!

Sometimes she will crawl short distances to get a toy, but she doesnt crawl alot or very quickly. If she wants me and I am across the room, she wont crawl to me she will just whine until I come to her

Is this standard? I thought babies were supposed to love their newfound freedom!
Is she a chubby baby??? Nothing wrong with that of course, but I have noticed that my 3rd-world looking skinny boys(they take after 105lb daddy ) seem to move alot faster- Andrew just turned 7mths and thinks he can walk-and from my years of childcare/teaching, etc I have noticed to boys, on average are more mobile than girls earlier and that skinnier babies seem to be more mobile faster too...

ALSO, if you are giving in to her whining (which is baby for "hey mom come here") why should she crawl? lol...heck I wouldnt...

Sometimes, to get them to do what we want, as parents, we have to play stupid, like we just dont know what they want so they will have to proceed to the next level...

...try getting down on the floor and motioning and calling for her. Make a game out of it.

Other than that, I sure we can all promise that she will be running (more or less crawling) in only a few short months so sit back and enjoy this time of lesser mobility....
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