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Re: question about crawling

momma, you are talking to too many busy-bodies! Listen to your baby, listen to your gut, and put the books and granny-words AWAY.
#1 did not move until he was 9.5 months old. Then he crawled to a coffee table, pulled up, and took a step.
#2 sat up at 3 months, cruised at 5 months, but wouldn't crawl until 8 months or walk without holding on until 9 months (still early but the kid went EVERYWHERE on 2 feet at 5.5 months old just had to hold something)
#3 crawled at 5 months
#4 didn't even ROLL until 6.5 months

They will do what they will do when they will do it. They will do it their way and to the best of their abilities. They won't do it your way, or aunt gertrudes way. They won't listen to the What to Expect authors or to grandpa Earl.

One of mine could walk, but rarely went anywhere. NOTHING wrong with him, and he's SOOOOO BUSY now, but as a tot (and a skinny tot too) he just didn't see the need to run amok. Until he learned to climb that is EGADS!

Anyway your sweetie sounds fine to me.
Kim, mom of 5
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