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Re: Atheist parents?

Originally Posted by Kaci View Post
We're atheists. We live in a part of the country with a lot of hippy liberals so I don't worry much about bullying or anything like that.

It seems like most atheist families are open to their children exploring religion and that's what I'm not sure about. We do a lot of education about various belief systems but we treat them all purely as myth. DH and I are atheist to the core it would be...difficult...if one/both of the kids became religious.
I will admit that while I allow my children to explore religion we explain them as being myth. I am much more friendly towards Polytheistic religions than I am towards "the big three". My children know exactly what dh and I believe. Here there is a lot of pressure to conform and that means accept the popular belief system. It does not help that our families are religious as well. My father has tried to convert my youngest (there is no hope with my oldest, the whole "man in the sky" thing is too abstract for him) so I take a hard line.
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