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Re: Atheist parents?

Originally Posted by SkyeSpade View Post
Kind of. I'm technically a pantheist, but as far as most people (who don't understand the difference and hear "i don't believer in a self aware deity" and stop listening) are concerned, they might as well be the same thing.

My plan is actually not to raise the boys to my beliefs. (Though I've slowly converted DH :O!) I was raised Catholic from day 1, and then was discouraged from seeking my own beliefs. I don't think that's fair - everyone should have their own level of faith. So my plan is to tech the boys every religion (and learn more myself at the same time! I love learning about religions.) and let them decide what feels right. If they want to check out a church, fine. We've already taken them to multiple Jewish shabat (sabbath) meals.

I would rather, instead of prepping them with a thick skin against bullies, prep them with confidence in what they belief against them.Personally, after Catholic school, I ran less into bullying over religion, and more people constantly trying to challenge and prove me wrong. It made me constantly consider every angle before I settled on a belief.
I agree with this. We are also not atheist. I don't think it really matters what your beliefs are some one will take exception to them.

When my husband mentioned to someone we don't celebrate the holidays he was told they were going to call DCFS on us to have our children taken away. They were serious not joking.
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