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Re: Who is working on their newborn diaper stash?

Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
Sheena, I hope you have a girl because those girly dipes are TOO CUTE TO SELL!!! Or maybe I hope that you have a boy and I have a girl and you sell them all to me!!!
Originally Posted by GooseBella View Post
Too bad we are team green I would love to by some of the ones you sell off. Though I guess if its a girl I could buy some of the boy ones and it won't really matter as much on a girl. My DH has said though that he doesn't care if I put pink on a boy because its underclothes so what does it matter.
Originally Posted by bwisniewski2 View Post
Sheena... I want in on the boy diapers

Haha! You ladies are too funny.
Eileen, ITA! I want to cry when I think about selling my girl fluff- I have some even cuter diapers that didn't make their way into the photo. Not to mention my wooly stash and fabric stash. Sigh. :'( Anyway, I REALLY hope someone from our group buys (or trades for) AT LEAST my very favorites (boy or girl) so I can hopefully see pics of a newb wearing them! I've been dreaming of a teeny tiny fluffy bum for soooo long!! :P

FTR, DH is totally fine with me using pink on a boy too. In fact, he would rather I just use my girly stash than try to sell or trade it for more boy stuff- he thinks it's wasteful (which, I guess it is). I'm the one with the hang-ups in that department. I'm not HUGELY picky about pink (obviously with 3 girls I have an abundance of it and the baby will just have to deal!) but for some reason I just couldn't do diapers. Maybe because after 3 girls I am more than ready for dino and robot prints!! :P Lol!

ANYway, now that I have written an entire book- COMPLETELY hijacking this thread, I'll stop there.
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