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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
Meh. I think this part goes back to the way that our bodies are designed to jealously horde calories as an adaptation to feast or famine. We are drawn to foods that naturally build our fat stores more efficiently like cheetos and ding dongs. I agree that they can be connected, but I do think that the bottom line is excess consumption of calories.
Yes, and when it's childhood obesity, the onus is on the parents to provide the food. Presumably the children are not choosing and purchasing this food at the grocery store. If the choice isn't there to eat a high-calorie food that the body may be craving, the choice can't be made. There are also other alternatives when the body is craving these things - spoonfuls of peanut butter, avocado, cashews. All are valid, healthy choices with a myriad of redeeming nutritional features and have some fat.

I didn't quote this, but I agree with addicteddad that I have never met anyone overweight who is eating a truly healthy diet. I don't even see how this needs to be restrictive. No one is advocating that kids only eat kale and greek yogurt. It's quite easy to be stringent at home and then go with the flow out of the home. I realize this is going to sound really elitist, but in our home, we have chosen to commit to a lifestyle where we purchase everything organic possible, no junk, and don't stray from it. Then, when we go out, we can be as flexible as we want because we do it around one meal every two weeks. One out of 42 meals we all eat whatever we want, however much we want, and no one feels bad about it. We go out for treats here and there but they are all out of the house. Takes away the temptation. That way when I really crave something, it's easy to rationalize going to get it, because I haven't sauntered to my freezer with every whim.

We snack here all the time. I don't see constant snacking being an issue, because we aren't snacking on goldfish and poptarts. We eat some fruit, lots and lots of cut up veggies and hummus, and peanut butter and apples. That's pretty constant. As much as you want, go for it. But, it's indeed a lifestyle choice.
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