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Re: Defiant little girl...I have to tell my friend that her DD can't play with DS any I've been there with the parents who won't then I would take it upon myself to do it if it's in your home....not saying time out etc.....but if she messes up a room then she isn't allowed in that room now. That kind of thing.

I do think the situation will just become more and more of a problem as you will eventually get really really tired of dealing with this. My advice is to distance yourself a bit. If they call then it's a bad time or you are going out. Just try to space it out so you are all not spending as much time together. Also might help to find some other kids to playdate with.

I know I got sick and tired of said cousins boy hitting my boy many times. Mom very passive similar to your mom. Eventually I ended up telling the boy myself...You will NOT him my K........and that was the end of that. He actually starting crying and went to his parents(standing there doing nothing of course) and I said.....he hit K, I told him that he will not hit K again. He's not crying because he got hurt, he's crying because I told him not to do that again, I'm tired of him hitting him. He quickly got the message as I was direct and meant business unlike his parents. Funnily enough he's a sweet guy now at age 7, he just needed more discipline at the younger age(4).
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