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Re: Other Sensory Integration mom's here?

Hi Karen!!!

DS (19 months) was diagnosed last winter. He has OT once a week and a visit from the nutritionist once a week. His major problems are mouth sensitivity and he has a few other things that we are working on. Our Early Intervention program here is wonderful and the OT we have is totally awesome! I haven't had to pay a dime either, it's all covered here in RI by state and federal funding. I've seen a huge jump in his progress the past month and let me tell you, it's been a day to day struggle. steps...and some days it's one step forward and two steps backwards.

For those who are struggling with getting help, your state is required to provide early intervention and preschool special education for children with disabilities and special healthcare needs under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). You should know your rights, and if you are not getting what your child needs then you need to be their voice! Go to your congressman or state senator if need be! Here is the law: Although coverage varies from state to state there should be some assistance at least from the Federal government for treatment (not private treatment) through your state's system. RI is great because the state funds the program as well which makes all children in the state equal when it comes to getting the help they need....wonderful because there is no way DH and I would be able to foot the help that our child needs and has been getting. I'm so grateful!
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