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Re: Other Sensory Integration mom's here?

Unofficially my youngest is. We've gone through every service available here and get opposite opinions on everything. Some things she's learned to adjust herself to like loud noises, high pitched singing and she's learning to deal with crowds. Then she comes home and unloads though. She was with my mom for 8 days, I picked them up on Sat and she's almost fully adjusted back now. She has this weird sniffing me thing she does, that increases when she is overstimulated. She pulls her ear and sucks her fingers more. She had 2months off from school and she had slowed down on all of them, pretty much cut out pulling her ear. A year ago she had cut most of them down and wasn't really pulling her ear or sniffing me anymore then started playschool. They had an extra TA in the class for her and that helped her transition into the school but there was a very noticeable increase in her unloading and she was pulling her ear again and sniffing me. There were weeks her ear was bright red and sore. I know everything is going to increase again in a month when she goes back. She'll be going 2 days a week this time(for 2 hours). Next year though, when she hits K I'm expecting a complete breakdown.

The worst was in June 05. We were at my oldest dd's school for family fun day. It was raining so they did the activities inside. We were in 1 class that they were doing a balloon breaking contest. Everyone had a balloon tied to their feet then they ran around trying to break them. There were 2 grades in there and it was very loud. She had her ears covered and was fine until they started breaking the balloons, I had to take her out she was screaming so bad and we could not go back near the kids until they were all done. It took us months to get to where she would hold a balloon, but if it made that balloon noise she'd freak out. Generally we do not have balloons anywhere near her.

Later at the end of the day everyone was in the gym for the tug-of-war. There was around 200 people in there so it was loud. I couldn't get out because there were so many people in there and she had her ears covered but even that wasn't helping. She laid on the floor on my feet and looked so defeated, sad, almost even broken with her fingers in her mouth and she shoved her shirt up her nose(another thing she does if she can't sniff).

This year at family fun day it was gorgeous out so they did everything outside. I was with my neighbor who hadn't really been around us much so she hadn't seen alot of her sid things. We were walking towards where my dd was and they were doing the balloon thing outside. We were 40feet away from them still but she saw what they were doing. She freaked out and started screaming. I had to take her away and to where there were people between the balloons and us before she'd stop screaming. My neighbor came up to me and said "she really is si isn't she".
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