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Re: Other Sensory Integration mom's here?


Unfortunatly the one I have with SID is 7, so she's WAY to old for EI..although I'm not a big fan of the programs around here anyways, so I don't *think* I would have gone that route anyways. She was my fisrt, and my the time she aged out of EI, I was jsut starting to realize that not all children act like this lol I honestly thought that herbehavior from age 18 months on was just the terrible two's..looking back, I don't think she ever had a change in behavior, but she was my first..I just had no clue.

As for the specialist, he's at MA General....I'll see if I can locate the last "waiting list update" later...his name eludes me right now.

I actually don't even know if we will be taking weekly trips to Boston when our number is up. I have learned both how to cope with her and to help her cope with herself (which has gotten more difficult as she gets older, which I didn't expect), and generally things run fairly smoothly around here. The difficult part I am having right now is that because I know how she is, I have a different discipline style with her than I do for the others, and we went through a phase where she insisted I hated her I am not a yeller, we use warnings and redirection and LOTS of talking abuot actions and consequences. But with her, I have a much sterner voice, that for a long time she perceived as me yelling at her..which I was not, but my tone is more sharp and harsh as it takes a bit more to get her to snap out of it when she really gets going. For a long time that was really difficult for me, as I don't feel that I have to be a dictator to teach my children to be respectful and well-mannered, but we have adjuseted to spending all our time together, and when she has a good day, we will occasionally talk abuot how I talk to her differently when she is having trouble feeling good. Thankfully it's getting better....our communication that is. Her SI issuesseem to have no change at all..which I'm not sure if that's bad or good. I've read numerous places that a lot of kids tend to grow out of the majority of the issues, that they can achieve partial intergration fairly independantly and learn their own coping techniques for situations that get them riled, but she hasn't...but her list of triggers doesn't seem to be getting any longer either.

We also compromised last year because she rEALLY wanted to go to school..her joy over me giving her a year to go to public school was quickly tarnished, and come ast October she was ready to come back home. Mean mama that I am, I madeher stay the year, as I don't want her to feel like she can just do something and then change her mind. She was pissed!!!! And every day for 2 hours after school our house was insane, and she had a terrible time coping with it. It got to the point where I let her take a bunch of "personal days" m(my mother was not amussed with the term, but that's what they were) and once school finally ended, we had a rough 6 weeks with each other and she de-schooled...Now that we are happily back on the hs track, she is becoming a different person..which makes me happy, because the worst part of the whole SID thing is that I cannot stand to see how miserable she is when her issues are flared up....It just makes me so sad.
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