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Re: ** May 2011 Mamas - June Chat**

Justine - you need to link your blog!

Greenebean - definitely experiencing separation anxiety and tantrums. I was just thinking how this week has been full of SCREAMING and pointing. I could tell DS no all day and just be wasting my breath. It's like he discovered how loud he can be and is using it to his advantage. I need some ear plugs. We're also working on getting down to 1 nap. He usually wakes up early and I can get him back to sleep with some rocking. Sometimes we finish naps on mommy in the rocker too :/ He's just so dang cute.

Justine, as for crafting, I have all these things I WANT to do but don't have time for! Pinterest gives me lots of ideas but executing them is the hard part. I'm really taken with embroidery/crewel/applique after making DS's birthday crown and so I think I might get some good wool felt instead of the cheap stuff and make him a Christmas stocking. I figure if I start now then it will definitely be done by Christmas!

I enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, cooking and baking. I'd like to learn weaving, guitar, and making things like planters out of concrete. I think back to when I had all the time in the world when I didn't work and didn't have a kid and wonder, what did I do all day?!
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