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Re: ** May 2011 Mamas - June Chat**

Julia - Here's my blog: I only have one post so far but I plan to try and post about 2-3 times a week. I'd love it if you wanted to take a look (anyone else is welcome too!!!). Let me know what you think! Those are great hobbies. I used to like to garden too but I haven't really done any since my kids were born. The last time I dug in the dirt really was while I was very pregnant (maybe even past my due date) waiting for my DS to be born. That is a happy memory of mine! You know, ever since I made DD's doll and sewed it all by hand, I have really been wanting to do some embroidery and needlework and have been thinking about either felting myself or sewing with some felt. Nice wool felt lends itself to all sorts of fun things. I've never had the real thing before. Did you see this store on Etsy: ? I was browsing it the other day. I always have tons of projects going on too. I am currently making a list and prioritizing so I can go back and actually finish some things. Mostly knit projects intended for last winter. Are you on Ravelry??? - whining and screaming. Yikes!! Lots of that around here. DD just follows me around the house whining. I feel so bad and do a lot of things one-handed but sometimes I just have to put her down. She is down to one nap also. It just sort of happened. Today and yesterday she only got in about 1/2 an hour or less. We were in the car during nap time but she didn't get to stay asleep long and then she didn't try to fall asleep again later. At least last night she went to bed early and slept in this morning.

DD had her 1-year check-up yesterday. She is 31" tall but I was so distracted that I didn't even look to see her weight!! I will ask at 15-months. I am bummed out. I was really curious how much she weighs and I can't believe I forgot. I was just trying to keep track of DS. The whole appointment was overwhelming. We had to wait forever and DS (who is 4) was pushing the stool around the room, climbing on everything, DD wanted to crawl all over the gross doctor's office floor (I just gave in and washed her hands lol), and I'm getting over a cold and could not stop coughing from the tickle in my throat the whole time the doctor was trying to talk to us. I had to pull out DS's juice box to sip on. It was embarrassing. Geesh. If you made it this far, thank you... and you deserve a medal. Sorry for the rant!

All right, off to bed soon. Have a great night girls.

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