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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

Originally Posted by tennesseemom

I probably sound like a really aweful mum to all of you. I think the lack of sleep is getting to me...that, coupled with the feelings of "why can't I soothe my baby? Whats wrong with me?" are just weighing on me. I just want so badly to help her feel well and content, and when she cries I feel like I should be doing more or am just not taking her cues well enough.
You do NOT sound like an awful mom. Believe me, there were days I did lay DS in the crib and go outside (the only place you couldn't hear him) and just cry and cry because I couldn't get him to stop crying.

If you can, get a miracle blanket. DS could break out of anything else. Both he and DD act mad as hell when you first wrap them up, but after 5 minutes they settle down and sleep SO much better. Her getting more sleep will help you and her a ton too. GOod luck.
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