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Re: If you vaccinate your kids, does it bother you when other people dont?

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
The obligations of the government are completely subjective to who you are talking to and who is voting, or at least it's supposed to be that way. So I disagree with a couple of your statements just because I like to believe that we still have a choice in this country in terms of the direction we go at this point.
The second statement I bolded kinda blows me away. I can't really imagine what you can mean by it as I firmly believe that nature will bow to no one, besides the mighty hand of God. People can manipulate materials and attempt to "take charge" of natural law, but I don't think man can wrap it's mind enough around what nature is truly capable of, and we will end up with more unforseen consequences of our arrogant fooling around that we will the results we're looking for.

Me. I hate seeing it has been posted on again in my subsccribed threads but can never resist clicking it.
I guess I don't understand. Doctors engaged on a daily basis in attempts to make nature bow to their expertise. I am sure we all are blessed to have loved ones alive because doctors and scientists don't hold to the it's God's Will theory of non-intervention.

The government should just let nature run it's course because it is natural? In that case, shoudl the government pull the firefighters out of the Southwest or no longer require mandatory evacuations in the face of major hurricaines?

Someone on DS frequently posts an old saying about whether or not we should be attempting to utilize our God given skills and talens to manipulate nature. It does something like - a man is stranded on a roof during a hurricaine. A boat comes by and offers to take him to safety and he refuses because he said God will save him. He is also offered help from a passing truck and a helicopter. Each time he refuses because it is God's Will and God will save him. He inevitably dies and when he gets to heaven, he asks God why He didn't save him. God tells him he tried repeatedly - sent him a truck, boat and helicopter.
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