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Re: Natural remedies for ADD?

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
from my understanding, if a stimulant med speeds you up then you likely are misdiagnosed. A person can have attention problems and not have ADHD. There is no ADD anymore. It's all ADHD. There are three types; primarily inattentive, primarily hyperactive, and combined. Of course I'm not a doctor so I could be wrong but that is my understanding. Regardless, OP should get a diagnosis, or rule out anything else.
There is ADD and ADHD. Some of my family is ADD and my DH and ds1 is ADHD. Here explains the differences

OP we've had great succuess with both DH and ds1 with eating an all organic diet. Just eating real foods and not artificial really helps. It is seen more with DH, but that is probably because he's much older than ds1, who is 5 and there will still be hyperactivity with a 5 year old But it really helps both focus and I can see a big change when we do schooling with ds1 when he's been at home all week and when we do schooling and he had a day or two at grandparents house and didn't eat organic.

If you can't eat organic because of the cost, buying as much whole foods or foods without artificial dyes and such as possible can help. It does take a few weeks to notice a difference while the body is adjusting, so it's not a quick fix.
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