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Re: Crazy, overly paranoid question about EpiPen

Neither of my kids (or DH or me) are anaphylactic to anything- that we know of. But I carry an Epi-pen with me when we are away from the at the lake. The point of having one is that the quicker you administer it the better if someone is going into anaphylactic shock. We live 15 minutes from the closest town, which I think is too long to wait for ambulance to come. And our lake is even further from a town (1 hour).

My physician is in agreement with my rationale, and prescribed one for my daughter. We do have extended family members (my mom and BIL) with anaphylacitic allergies, so I feel that having one in my house is important.

We also always have benadryl on hand at home and a big stock pile at the lake.

ETA: I am a pharmacist so maybe that's why my doctor was open to prescribing one for my kids.
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