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Re: Reviewing Medical Records

I haven't accessed all of Alec's records but I have accessed a few of them. I pulled all his MRIs from his NICU stay (at least 3 head/spine and 1 full body MRI). I found it to be confusing. I understood the language just fine but the findings contradicts follow up x-rays and MRIs. I think the radiologist on duty at the NICU wasn't very good at reading the MRI images since I have had four different specialists evaluate images of his spine and all their finding contradict the NICU findings. I have also pulled the neonatologists diagnostic summary which really helped me research because I finally had the correct spelling for some of his medical conditions.

The only real good reasons I find for pulling medical records, is to help with research and going to a new doctor who needs more background information. I don't see anything wrong with pulling them just because but I also don't see any real point to it either.

Never ever let a nurse review the records and diagnoses with you. I can't tell how much awful misleading information I have gotten by doing that. Only review the records with a doctor or look up the information yourself. Seriously, I had a nurse tell me my child was blind and when I told her "He could see, thank you very much" she said oh it is progressive and he will go blind (also false although some can go completely blind from complications). Yes, he is vision impaired but blind and vision impaired are not even in the same ball park and if she had even bothered to pick him up she would have seen even as a newborn he was studying people's faces and tracking movement visually. The truth is she didn't know all the proper medical terminology and somehow thought bilateral optic nerve colobomas were tumors on the optic nerve. Nope, it means the failure of the optic nerve to form fully. Clearly someone was not an A student in nursing school. And that is just one example, I could give more of why not to let a nurse review medical records. That also goes for medical residents as well those at the very very tale end of their residency can be trusted with normal uncomplicated cases but don't think of even giving them even the smallest of a curve ball because they will be out of their depth quickly.

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