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Unhappy We had a scare last night....

At about 1/2am and lasting until about 3/4am I noticed I had some BAD cramping lower back pain that wouldn't go away no matter what. Then it finally hit me that this is back labor......I was scared. But we've been through this before~dd tried to come at 18wks and I went to the hosp then with contractions and had a shot of Bretene. What happened with DD was I'd gotten bad dehyrdated because all I drunk for months was ice-tea.....I know-stupid! And did the same dern thing this time!

Anyways, after trying a hot bath, rice sock and back massages from DH it finally eased off, thank God! And DH has banned me from drinking anything but water. Oh hurt so bad He still needs to stay in there for 11wks.
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