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Originally Posted by kelchristina
SO happy to hear this! I was just coming on here to ask about a VBA2C. I'm not pregnant, but want to have at least one more baby. I've had 2 c-sections and after my second last year (DD turned 1 July 1) I had a bad hernia and had hernia surgery in Feb. DR said it would be risky to have another c section, but could do it with him present. Planning to meet with my OB in a few months to discuss the option of a VBA2C, becasue that's the only way I want to have another. Don't want to go through the risks of c-section again!

Would love hearing more experiences... are DRs more open to it, or will it be a hard fight?
I think it depends in where you are. Things seem to be going backwards here, so now we are down to one doc in our city that does VBAC. He was the only one to do VBAMC before, but now he is the only one to do them at all. I wish my doc still did them because he is wonderful.
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