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Originally Posted by kfair23
Im wanting to do a VBA2C but I know the only OB in my town will not do it. So some midwives will? Do you have to do home births if you use a midwife?
I think that depends on the hospital/birthing centers, and maybe state law??? Here, midwives can deliver in some hospitals, but I don't think they deliver the VBAMCs. There is a midwife that just opened a birthing center that does VBAC, but didn't accept me as a VBA2C. (That was my best chance of getting hubby on board since she was a an older CNM with decades of experience and a birthing center). Otherwise, it is home birth here.

Eta: to update, it is looking like I'll have a "natural" RCS. Hubby is having a hard time getting over his anxiety, and he was uncomfortable with how young the MW was.
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