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my baby got a diaper rash yesterday -can't figure out why?

I"m not sure why. He's 4 months old andhonestly, he hasn't had a diaper rash since his first month. He had a few then, but I was able to clear it up and then it stopped. I change him often and right when he poops. I've been CDing him now for about two weeks and he does wear disposables here and there while I'm building my CD stash. Yesterday he pooped and I pretty much got to him before he was done, LOL, so he barely sat in it at all. I cleaned him up and t henby the end his skin looked red and a little bit bumpy. I've heard babies can have reactions to sportwash sometimes, but I would think he would have had one before now. I've also heard that some babies can have reactions to tea tree oil and I use the kissaluvs diaper potion lotion - however, I've been using t hat since he was born (not daily but often) and he's never seemed to have ap roblem. I wonder if I wiped too hard or didn't get the wipe wet enough? I often just use plain old water on the wipe to clean him up. I had to put him back in a disposble b/c I don't have rash cream for CDs yet - I ordered Jacks Magic Beanstalk cream yesterday.

I guess this just happens though right? My H said, "Diaper rash just happens sometimes". The only new thing I did was try Calgon water softener.
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