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Looking for a VBAC friendly Midwife/OB in Minnesota

Hi all,

DH and I are thinking about starting to try for baby #2 in the spring here. First baby was a c-section probably due to "FTP" after a bazillion hours of unmedicated back labor.... let's just say, I was done and happy to have a c-section at that point. It WAS my choice. Anyway, afterwards I hated it.. it was hard to sit up, weird pains all the time, the spinal awful, just an awful experience. I don't want that again. My son was 9lbs 10oz born at 41 weeks and at 37 weeks my doctor told me she thought I was going to have a c-section due to "narrow hips".. um.. okay, whatevs. I won't be going back to her.

I checked with the MN chapter ICAN website and there doesn't seem to be much info on VBAC friendly/natural birth friendly doctors. Can anyone direct me to a resource or suggest anyone, preferable in the south metro. I plan to deliver baby #2 again at Ridges in Burnsville. I'd be open to HBAC, but DH says heck no.

I am only open to seeing female OB/Midwife.

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