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Re: My 22 month old won't touch the potty chair

We blow bubbles and read books. One thing that helped me was, take out the word potty. So instead of sit on the potty, i say here come sit down here and ill read u a book, come sit down here and ill blow bubbles, she likes to pop them. Also i sit directly on the floor infront of her, when she wants down, no problem i put away the boom or bubnles as soon as i help her down, she cried more, i put her back on and quickly grab the bubbkes or book, she would cry and i kinda didnt hear her and would read anyway, or start blowing bubbles, took about 3 days, no stress. Now she walks me to the bathroom hands me a book, i take off panies or diaper and up on the potty she goes. Good luck!
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