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Re: Wool Wash and Care Instructions

Here are my favorite wool care tips:

Always test your wool for color fastness before washing multiple items in the sink at once.

To speed up the drying process spin your wool in your washing machine using the spin cycle.

Never hang wet wool, always dry it flat.

Baby shampoo is okay in a pinch but soap developed for wool is better.

Always rinse wool soakers or longies to remove any soap residue, even if your wool wash is a "no-rinse" formula. Soap can build up and interfere with the wools ability to shed water.

Take a few minutes to reshape your wool when you lay it to dry, button buttons, make sure collars are straight, hems align, etc. This extra step is called blocking and it will improve the appearance of your wool garment.

You can avoid lanolin spots (when unmelted lanolin attaches itself to the wool leaving grease like stains) by using liquid lanolin. Liquid lanolin does not need to be melted like solid lanolin (like Lansinoh)

If your wool needs a lanolin boost you can use spray lanolin in between lanolizing treatments. Free spray lanolin recipe

If you plan to store your wool for another season (or child) give it a good washing to remove any dirt or oils and dry it completely. Store your wool in an airtight container, like a zip lock bag in a dry place. Don't store your wool in an attic or basement.

Enjoy your wool, let your kids wear it to the park, sledding, to their friends house, whatever, it's only wool and it cleans up surprisingly well : )

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