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MM Hobbits on LT with dark hunter green trim $70
Stock Photo:

My sucky lighting we’re stuck inside because of yucky weather photo:

DBK Hang loose on stellar aran superwash $50
7.4 oz colorway, each trim has 1.8 oz.

B&P Angel Cakes on Aran Twist $20
2.3 oz colorway, .5oz pink trim, 1.1 oz blue trim

DBK Jungle Chic on LT $40
2.5 oz colorway, 6.2 oz pink trim

1 Yoda on mcndk $20

1 treasure map on mcndk $20

MM Woodland Friends on BFL $70
2 skeins plus 1 full blue trim and half brown trim

2 skeins DD Wiener Dog on gaia bulky (stallion) $55ppd

Misc Scraps (I will include another scrap to match the base as a bonus)
All for $50

Far left: Pink fisherman's wool by wacky alpacky 4 oz $15
Top blue: MMRW to match tangled by ecowool .7 oz $5
Bottom yellow MMRW by wacky alpacky 1.8 oz $10
Top purple MMRW by DBK for TTTT .5 oz $5
Far right pink cascade 3 oz $10

Top row: unknown hc dyer on bfl 2.5 oz colorway, .5 oz trim $15
DBK TTTT on cestari 1 oz $5
Bottom row:unknown hc dyer 2 oz on cestari $10
Ecowool MMRW tangled 1.4 oz $5
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