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Re: Feeding schedule for BF toddlers

My kids don't drink milk, even at 15 months. There are lots of ways (better ways, IMO) to get the same nutrients through food. You can also substitute another kind of milk, soy, rice, hemp, almond, whatever you feel comfortable with. (I know a lot of people shy away from soy, but I used it with good success.) My kids are now 5 and 3 year old twins. They are very healthy and rarely sick. They have never had much cows milk. They have only had it when my in-laws gave it to them because they don't like that I don't. Plus, one of my 3 year olds will ask for it sometimes. I let him have it. We too eat dairy. But, it's because we like the taste, not because I think it has great health benefits. I'm not a big believer in dairy for health either.

ETA - I have a low supply usually starting around 9/10 months or earlier. My oldest was totally weaned by 10 months and my twins were weaned at 16 months. Just background info for you so you know where I'm coming from.
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