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Re: I am so glad I read that Pampers thread!

Originally Posted by aihley View Post
Was anyone really that keen on the Dry Max idea in the first place? It seems like just a ploy to make parents feel better about not changing a diaper after their child soils it. I'm on Vocalpoint and some of the comments about them were just heart-wrenching! People apparently didn't like how much they sagged when wet b/c it got in the way of their kid playing. HELLO! Change the freaking diaper! Dry Max, to me, is a sad commentary on our society's priorities.
No, I told dh that was a dumb move on their part. BUT, he quickly reminded me that people who buy/use sposies want the diapers to hold a lot so they don't have to change frequently. I change Anna and Will every time they pee never going more than 2 hours and they could easily wear a Pampers for 8 or 10 hours. Well, they do at night. It is crazy, but when we switched to cloth all of my friends were flabbergasted of how frequently I had to change them. They asked me why I wanted to change diapers that often.

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
I know, it is disgusting how parents get cheap and let their kids overflow a diaper before changing. If you don't want to change diapers and take care of your kids, then why have kids? One mom I knew would seriously wait until pee was dripping down this little boys legs. He smelled so awful all the time. She wouldn't even bring diapers with him to church nursery so we wouldn't change him and "waste" a diaper. I started sending him back to mom when he was pee soaked and she started bringing at least one extra diaper. Poor kid, he was overall neglected.
When I worked in a daycare we had a mom that would only let us change the kids diaper 4 times a day. She would only bring in 4 diapers a day and he was there from 7am until 5pm.
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