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Originally Posted by Belle View Post
I understand not liking the content, I just didn't understand being offended, per se, and I really didn't understand the comment to call and complain to the church about it. Because the whole point is to be shocking and get people irate.

Also, I'm one of those paranoid mamas that goes through everyone's bag before they get their mitts on any of it, so I guess the concern of my kids really being exposed to anything awful hasn't come up yet.
I wouldn't call them. Never. It isn't worth it to me. I just wouldn't pick that church to attend.

My being upset/offended had more to do with my past experience with the Chick tracts. People may think I am being overly dramatic but I was extremely scared by them. As in, had nightmares, worried about going to hell and worried for the souls of my loved ones. We didn't just get those tracts on Halloween, we got them year-round. I spend Christmas Eve one year crying on the couch surrounded by the presents Santa left us, bawling for my grandfather (who wasn't even dead, he died when I was 18), worried he would go to hell. I was probably 8. I never want my boys to feel like that.

That said, everybody is entitled to their opinions. I really just wanted people to know these things ARE still being handed out. They aren't from the past.

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