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Re: What's in your stash? Nov. 2013

I have been selling diapers my son has outgrown lately. ( I've had good luck with kijiji as no shipping or PayPal fees.) I am now down to just stuff that fits:

9 Nanas Bottoms Large bamboo AIOs
8 Bamboo Sandy's (Large)
1 MEOS that still somehow fits but is on last snaps... Lol
5 Kushies Toddler fitteds that I modified by sewing hemp into each diaper's flap
3 Nanas Bottoms large fitteds ( bamboo)
67 assorted hemp inserts which all get used
19 bamboo prefolds that all get used
Over 200 wipes
1 blueberry Coverall
4 MEAF covers
1 Bella Bottom cover
1 WAHM made cover with flaps for trifolds
4 Woolly Bottoms Soakers Large
1 Woollybottoms longies Large
1 Disana Soaker
1 Engel Soaker
1 hand knit pair of shorties
7 upcycled longies I made myself
1 Shoe City Mama XL fleece soaker Spider-Man

(And 3 Medium and 3 Large Fuzzibunz Perfect Fit diapers that I keep hanging onto hoping they will one day fit my son properly, but they sag and gape for some reason.)

I am debating getting a few more Nanas Bottoms AIOs for Black Friday, but my son is starting to show interest in the potty now, and he's 19 months old, so not sure if I will or if I will just do diaper laundry more often to have enough daycare diapers. ( I use fitteds at home.) I've never had just 26 diapers before, but I do have a few more changes if I just trifold prefolds and put them with hemp inserts inside a cover, which I can do at home, just not at daycare.

I think it will probably be fine as my son is going through fewer changes a day now, too.
This is a seriously simplified stash for me, and it feels good.
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