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Re: Any foods to increase my breastmilk production?

short story b4 I go to bed..yawn..LOL... I stopped nursing due to death in the family... I would only nurse once or twice ...sometimes NONE in one day.. and after two mths of that.. YES 2... I am now nursing my 7mth old.. WITHOUT supplment! No food either!! and this is how I did it..
1.) I drank water EVERY time I thought about water.. about a gallon and half a day.. no joke..
2.) I ate oatmeal for breakfast.. or at least once a day .. till I was sick of it.. after about 4 days.>HAHAHAHA
3.) I drank mothers tea.. along with the tons of water.. about 4 cups a day
4. ) I got him to nurse on me every 30-45 mins.. and let him play with a nursing necklace to keep him busy..
5.) when I did give him formula .. I used the medela suppl. nursing system.. that a momma on here GAVE me for free... ( he hated it..LOL )
6.) I pumped late at night when he wasnt eating.. and pumped during the day.

I am not going to lie to you .. it was sooo hard.. I was literally nursing.. pumping.. fixing tea or water ALL DAY... and it took a GOOD 2 weeks for me to see an improvement..
Now my boobs are HUGE..and I can pump at least 6 ozs at a time... ( when I started .. I didnt get a drop )
It takes time.. but you can do it.. I had hardly any supply left.. and I did it.. you can too!!!!

that wasnt so short LOL
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