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Re: Breakfast: Help, we're in a rut!

I really love making sweet potato pancakes for my little ones. I generally make them from scratch since I stay home and my kids are too young for school, but it's very adaptable so you could find a way to make them fast. Maybe find a pancake mix that does not require milk....I think there are some that you just add water. Buy canned sweet potaotes, drain the liquid, smush them up, add some vanilla and cinnamon and then add to the pancake mix. You could probably make the mix the night before and cover and refrigerate and just throw the batter into a pan in the morning. A little butter, or non dairy butter like spread and some syrup and you're littles will have bellies full of hot breakfast! I pretty much love pancakes and put nearly anything into them! Banana, blueberries, peaches, I even added raspberries one time.
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