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Re: BLW...on WIC...95 jars a month ?!?

I don't understand. If you don't like or want things they offer, just don't get it.

I don't need all the milk alotted to my family, I do not believe in giving my infant anything processed, we have 26 chickens and don't need their crappy eggs and I don't believe in drinking juice.

So - we DO get $22/mo in fresh fruit and veggies, usually 2 gallons of milk a month (out of the 12 we're given), corn tortillas, a few pounds of cheese, lentils/beans and adams peanut butter.

I fail to see the problem with only using what you need/want/tolerate/wont waste and leaving the rest off to someone else. I do not ask them to alter my checks, I just tell the checker I know what was given and I got what I needed.

I do agree the jars are fun for crafts and projects though!
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