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Re: Ack! I'm in trouble! Hubby just checked the cc balance!

Originally Posted by MatildasMum View Post

At the beginning of the month, I transfer a set amount (that we agreed upon) into my PP account. It's my "allowance" so to speak. Be honest with him and come up with a solution that suits you both.
Also not to hijack, but
Speaking of "allowance" what is yours? Not that you have to tell me $$ wise, but maybe % of what you make. I only ask because DH and I are SO careless with money, we never keep track of it and we sometimes just buy whatever
We vacationed in HI last month and missed our flight, we had to buy brand new tickets costing well over 2000. It kind of hit us that we need to be more responsible
So, this month we decided we each get a certain amount each paycheck- not including gas, grocery's, bills, ect. I don't know what is a good amount
....Maybe I need a financial adviser
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