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Re: Washing mouth out with soap

I use it... I tell my kids that we wash yuckies off with soap and if they choose to speak yucky, then we'll wash it away with soap. But I also ensure they have the proper vocabulary to either express their emotions or their thoughts adequately. Overall, though, I haven't had what I'd consider problems with my children's vocabulary... it's their attitudes that they choose to show which get them into trouble.

If the child is old enough... I make them write out the proper phrase they should use (had they chosen to use bad words or something disrespectful) x10 to their age (so my six year old has to write out "I will not tell my mother to shut up." 60 times). She normally becomes pretty penitent and remorseful around the 5th time writing it... ETA: I meant by the 5th sentance

If the child isn't old enough, they'll sit in the corner with their nose against the wall for 10 minutes (I'm not into that time out ='s one minute per age thing) and then we'll talk about their choice of words/phrases and how they should express it after their time in TO.

This works for us... but good luck! I always cringe when I hear other adults using bad language knowing children are around but feel pretty proud when my oldest tells me loudly "Gee, he needs to write "I will not speak with bad language 100 times."
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